Hannah Burgé named 2023 Díaz-Ayala Library Travel Grant Winner

The Cuban Research Institute, the Kimberly Green Latin American and Caribbean Center, and the Libraries at Florida International University announced the winners of the 2023 Díaz-Ayala Library Travel Grant competition. The awards are offered in honour of Cristóbal Díaz-Ayala, the…

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Just What the Doctor Ordered!

….three weeks in warm weather. 

For those new to the blog….hello and welcome! I'm glad that you're joining. This January, I'll head to Mexico City to finish researching for my mambo project! I'm excited to visit archival collections in the…

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What’s in a Name?

Phew! That one took a long time. My website is back to Hannah Burgé .com and I couldn’t be happier.  Names are important – especially chosen ones! 

A few years back my website was hacked and offered back to…

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Stories From Home

Every week, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival asks a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view Educators, composers and partners bassist Paco Luviano (PL) and vocalist Hannah Burge Luviano

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“Green River Sessions” (2015) CD Review

by Michael Doherty

Vocalist Hannah Burgé’s debut album, Green River Sessions, is a nice mix of jazz and world music elements. Though she is based in Ontario, clearly part of her soul is residing in Latin America. Approximately half…

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