What’s in a Name?

Phew! That one took a long time. My website is back to Hannah Burgé .com and I couldn’t be happier.  Names are important – especially chosen ones! 

A few years back my website hannahburge.ca was hacked and offered back to…

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Stories From Home

Every week, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival asks a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view Educators, composers and partners bassist Paco Luviano (PL) and vocalist Hannah Burge Luviano

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Humber 2021 Audition Preparation Weekend

Opening Address: On the Benefits of a Music Education 

The situation where you find yourself this morning is one of anticipation. You anticipate that the faculty will help ready you for a four-year degree, or a one-year diploma in musical…

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Hannah loves Humber College!

In October, Hannah accepted a position as the Incoming Academic Program Manager for Humber Music. One of the finest music programs in Canada, Hannah is thrilled to be part of the team.

Standing Committee Heritage Address

To the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

For the consideration of the Culture and Heritage Sector

My name is Hannah Burgé Luviano, and I am a musician and researcher living in the city of Toronto. I do not…

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“Green River Sessions” (2015) CD Review

by Michael Doherty

Vocalist Hannah Burgé’s debut album, Green River Sessions, is a nice mix of jazz and world music elements. Though she is based in Ontario, clearly part of her soul is residing in Latin America. Approximately half…

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